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from the CEO/Founder

Si tu vales bene est, ego quoque valeo
If you are well I'm pleased; I'm well, too. 

These are the words with which the famous Cicero used to begin his letters. Despite the fact that many years have passed since then, this introduction today appears as fitting as ever. This is because it reflects manís basic concern for his health and the universal nature of the greeting, expressing the wish for good health.

On my business card I have incorporated the image of Aesculapius, the healer praised by the ancient Greeks as the god of healing. The sign at the entry of his sanctuary read: Bonus intra, melior exi! - Enter well, exit even better. I would like to draw attention to the ancient awareness of the significance of health and of the reverent attitude expressed by numerous generations before us towards this important aspect of human existence.

The above proverb is suitable for use in many occasions, but in this case Iíd like to apply it to all the visitors who have taken advantage of the Internet to find out more about the structure of International Food Safety Consultancy Ltd,  to especially deepen their awareness of the importance of health care in the widest meaning of the phrase.

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