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from the CEO/Founder

Hello, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to you and give you a brief overview about myself before you continue reading my curriculum vitae.
My name is Willem Marsman and I am of Dutch descent. I was born in Surabaya, Indonesia and at the age of five, my family and I moved to Holland. I was educated in Holland and studied Veterinary Science at the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands, gaining my Master's degree in 1976. I continued my studies while working and earned my Post Masters education in Microbiology in 1978 and Pathology in 1983 . I am also a certified Trade Auditor plus education at IFTACERT in Berlin for DIN ISO 9000ff. Certification.

During my working career I have had the opportunity to live in many different countries - Holland, Belgium, United States of America, Canada and Germany and since 1997 I reside in New Zealand. Residing and working in these different countries has taught me to respect the different values and cultures of different nationalities. My most recent work experience is as an International Consultant in SPS related matters as Animal Health and Food Safety, Plant Health, Fish and Fishery Products and Aquaculture.
A major development was the erecting of the International Food Safety Consultancy Ltd as trustee of International Food Safety Consultancy trust.

Being able to relax to music, classical or modern, is something I really enjoy - even more so since I have had restored a grand piano which has been in my family for over a century.  Also the paintings which were in the family for years from the Dutch painter Max Alandt has been restored in full glory and preserved for the future.
Also a totally restoration of another concert grand piano Chappell to his original condition has been a major achievement and many evenings of enjoyment with good friends and music has given me a lot of pleasure in this hectic world.

Music with some friends (click to listen the music)

And as life is short and mistakes , wrong judgments were made  by me (click to listen the music) , I think it is important that life  cannot be without love and happiness and  honesty which I found finally  in New Zealand  to be true . (click to listen the music) | (click to listen the music) |

I make sure that I spend time socializing and participating in local activities as I feel that is an important part of belonging to a community. As my career path has had a very international flavor I ensure that I keep up to date with what is happening in the international arena. And love dancing.  (click to listen the music)


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