Subject: [FOODSAFE] Acrylamide


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 * Summary-Acrylamide in Heat-Processed Foods

 * Toxicological aspects of acrylamide

 * Acrylamide in foodstuffs, consumption and intake

 * recommendations regarding acrylamide in food


 *Written commemtary:


 *Science News, 24 August 2002, "Cooking Up a Carcinogen," by Janet


 *Science News, 5 October 2002, "Hot Spuds," by Janet Raloff.

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 * Food Processing (also at

 <> ), short articles in the July and

 August 2002 issues. under food e-news.


 Newspaper story in USA TODAY

 "Can French fries give you cancer? The FDAis hot on acrylamide's trail"

 by Nanci Hellmich.




 Somebody asked earlier if the chemical was a problem in fresh food. NO.

 Acrylamide is formed during heating of starch-rich foods at high

 temperatures, with frying and baking being the main cooking culprits.


 Acrylamide has been used as an industrial chemical  in water treatment

 (coagulent) and in the production of organic chemicals , dyes, and



 The CONCERN: It is a potential human carcinogen and genotoxicant. The

 best advice at this time seems to be to consume a balanced diet with a

 variety of foods .